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Former Vice President Mike Pence Responds to Trump’s Arrest Claims

Former Vice President Mike Pence has spoken out in response to Donald Trump’s recent claims that he is soon to be arrested in connection with a hush money investigation in New York.

Trump made the announcement on his social media platform, Truth, stating that he would be arrested on Tuesday.

Despite distancing himself from Trump in recent times, the former president even called for his supporters to protest the arrest.

Pence has denounced Trump’s claims, stating that the arrest would be a politically motivated prosecution.

He emphasized that the American people have the constitutional right to peaceably assemble, and that any frustration they may feel regarding a perceived two-tier justice system in the country is well-founded.

However, Pence stressed the importance of peaceful and lawful protest should any demonstration occur on Tuesday.

Pence is not the only prominent figure to voice their outrage over the possibility of Trump’s arrest.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has also spoken out, calling it an abuse of power.

It is important to note that Trump’s claims of his impending arrest have not been officially verified.

As the situation unfolds, many are watching with bated breath to see what happens on Tuesday and how the public reacts to the news.

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