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Title: Former UC Davis Student Pleads Not Guilty in Deadly Stabbing Spree

Subtitle: Carlos Dominguez faces charges for a series of stabbings near the university resulting in two deaths and one injury

A former UC Davis student, Carlos Dominguez, pleaded not guilty on Friday in connection with a deadly spree of stabbings that occurred near the university.

The 21-year-old made his initial appearance in Yolo County Superior Court to face charges related to the series of stabbings, which claimed the lives of two individuals and left one person injured.

The community was gripped with fear during this disturbing incident.

During his court appearance, Dominguez showed little emotion apart from nodding affirmatively a few times.

The judge issued a no-bail detention order, considering the serious nature of the crimes committed.

Prosecutors emphasized the gravity of the situation, asserting that Dominguez posed a significant threat to the community and that his actions could have led to the loss of a third life.

Carlos Dominguez, also known as Carlos Realities, was charged with two counts of murder for the stabbings that occurred on separate days.

The victims were identified as David Henry Bro, a local figure known as the Compassion Guy, and Kareem Abu Najim, a student at UC Davis.

Dominguez was also charged with attempted murder for allegedly attacking Kimberly Guillory in her tent.

Fortunately, Guillory survived the assault.

Dominguez hails from Oakland and attended Castleman High School, where he played football.

He later transferred to UC Davis after studying at Laney College in Oakland.

However, he was expelled from UC Davis for academic reasons on April 25th, just two days before the stabbing spree took place.

The motive behind the attacks remains unclear, but experts believe that a combination of factors likely contributed to Dominguez’s actions, including undisclosed issues leading up to his dismissal.

The fragility of some individuals, particularly young people, in handling stress and setbacks has raised concerns.

Thomas Plant, a psychology professor at Santa Clara University, commented on the incident, stating that while most young people can cope with difficulties, some struggle to respond appropriately, resulting in self-harm or acting out against others.

Prosecutors have charged Dominguez with multiple murder, which carries the potential for the death penalty.

However, the current status of the death penalty in California is on hold.

The case will continue to unfold as more details emerge.

Note: The information provided has been gathered from various sources and is based on available information up to September 2021.

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