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Carlos Dominguez, a 21-year-old former student at the University of California, Davis, has been arrested in connection to a series of stabbings in the area.

Dominguez had just failed out of school a few days prior to the first alleged attack.

The Davis community is in shock, wondering how one of their own went from being a student to a suspected serial killer.

Following his arrest near Sycamore Park, investigators are now searching for evidence and trying to learn more about the former student allegedly responsible for taking two lives.

FBI agents searched through the night and found evidence inside Dominguez’s home, which has been taped off for hours.

UC Davis has confirmed that Dominguez had just failed out of school two days before the alleged stabbing attacks.

He had been a biological science major and had roommates.

The community is on edge, and people are wondering if his roommates knew anything about his alleged crimes.

Dominguez had been pictured and profiled in a mentoring and science program in high school, where he aspired to be a doctor.

Dominguez is not accepting any interviews at this point.

Law enforcement is still clearing the scene, and more information about what they found in the suspect’s home is yet to be revealed.

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