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Tammany Former Employee Arrested for Bringing Illegal Drugs into Jail

A former employee of the St.

Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office was arrested this morning after allegedly attempting to bring illegal drugs into the jail.

Olivia Boswell, who had been working with the department, was immediately terminated from her position and taken into custody.

The incident occurred yesterday when Boswell was caught attempting to smuggle illegal drugs into the jail facility.

The authorities acted swiftly, terminating her employment and apprehending her without delay.

The St.

Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office has a zero-tolerance policy for such actions, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity within the department.

Sheriff [Name] expressed his disappointment in the former employee’s behavior, stating, “We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and the actions of one individual will not tarnish the reputation of our dedicated personnel.”

Boswell now faces charges related to the possession and attempted distribution of illegal drugs.

The exact nature and quantity of the substances involved have not been disclosed.

However, law enforcement officials are conducting a thorough investigation to gather all necessary evidence for the upcoming legal proceedings.

The arrest of a former employee highlights the commitment of the St.

Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office to ensuring the safety and security of the jail facility.

They are determined to prevent any illicit activities within the premises and maintain a trustworthy environment for both staff and inmates.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in preventing contraband from entering correctional facilities.

The St.

Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office will continue to implement strict protocols and enhanced security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

As the legal process unfolds, Boswell will have the opportunity to present her case in court.

The St.

Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office remains dedicated to upholding the law and serving the community with honor and professionalism.

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