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Former President Trump Expects to be Arrested: Chuck Todd Weighs In

Former President Donald Trump claimed on Saturday that he expects to be arrested this Tuesday, amidst three possible indictments he may be facing in different legal jurisdictions.

Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press shared his thoughts on the matter, explaining that one of the indictments Trump has been talking about all week is the one in Manhattan.

This indictment has already put his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen in prison, due to his alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Cohen created an arrangement to keep her quiet by paying her a significant amount of money.

Michael Cohen has already pleaded guilty and served time for this charge.

Todd further explained that there are two other indictments Trump may be facing in Washington, DC and Atlanta.

Todd discussed this issue ahead of his show this morning, where he had Senator Elizabeth Warren as a guest.

Those interested can tune in to the show at 10:00 AM after Good Morning America.

The possible arrest of a former President would certainly be a significant event, and many will be watching closely to see how the situation unfolds in the coming days.

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