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Former President Donald Trump Calls for Protests, Expects to Be Arrested Amid Manhattan Grand Jury Investigation

Former President Donald Trump has made claims on his Truth Social platform that he expects to be arrested soon, as there are rapid-fire developments in the Manhattan grand jury investigation into him.

He has called on his supporters to protest in response to the possible indictment.

The probe surrounds hush money payments allegedly made on behalf of Trump to adult film star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election.

The investigation has ramped up in the last week, with Daniels meeting with prosecutors and Trump’s former longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, meeting with the grand jury.

The grand jury has made no public announcement about if or when any indictment will come, but this is a stunning moment in American politics as a former president vying to be the Republican Presidential nominee faces legal jeopardy.

Security measures are being discussed, but there is still no confirmation that charges will, in fact, be handed down by the grand jury.

The former president is calling for protests on Tuesday, despite no confirmation charges will be filed.

Law enforcement is making preliminary security arrangements, and the NYPD, state court officers, Secret Service agents, the Joint terrorism task force, and the Manhattan DA’s office are involved.

However, as far as anyone knows, no announcement is coming on Tuesday.

Trump’s one-time attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, testified before the grand jury this week in Manhattan, and legal scholars and former members of the Federal Election Committee have publicly stated that there was no crime here.

The former president maintains that he did nothing wrong and is blaming illegal leaks in his social media post.

However, his lawyer and spokesperson have stated that there has been no communication with prosecutors.

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