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Former President Donald Trump Returns to Campaign Trail in Quad Cities

Former President Donald Trump made a public appearance in the Quad Cities, speaking to a crowd of hundreds of supporters at Davenport’s Adler Theater.

The event was covered by News 8 reporters, with live team coverage from Jonathan Fong inside the theater and John Diaz outside, who had earlier witnessed Trump’s arrival at the Quad Cities International Airport.

During his speech, Trump discussed his views on education and his potential viability as a presidential candidate, noting that the competition in the Republican Party has changed since he last ran in 2016, with the emergence of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a potential candidate.

Trump also highlighted his accomplishments in the Midwest and Iowa specifically, including securing $28 billion from China.

News 8 reporters asked Trump about his thoughts on other potential candidates, to which he expressed confidence in securing the Republican nomination.

Overall, Trump’s appearance drew significant attention and enthusiasm from his supporters in the Quad Cities.

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