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Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has been arrested on corruption charges, leading to widespread political turmoil and violent demonstrations across the country.

Khan, who lost power last year but remains a popular opposition figure, was taken from a courthouse by para-military forces, with his supporters denouncing it as an abduction.

The government responded by clamping down on social media and social gatherings.

The arrest of Imran Khan has ignited chaos and anarchy in cities throughout Pakistan, prompting clashes between police and demonstrators.

Tear gas was used by the police to disperse the angry crowds, who were not only protesting the arrest but also the manner in which it was carried out.

Supporters of Khan claim that he was dragged and beaten with wooden sticks during the arrest, referring to it as an assault rather than a lawful detention.

Imran Khan, a former cricket star, was ousted as prime minister just over a year ago, and he has consistently argued that his removal was illegal and the result of a Western conspiracy.

He has been advocating for early elections to rectify the situation.

Khan also faces corruption charges, which he alleges are politically motivated.

His supporters accuse the army of orchestrating this “terrorism” against him.

This marks the seventh time a former prime minister of Pakistan has been arrested.

Members of Khan’s political party are calling for widespread protests in response to his detention.

Unfortunately, the demonstrations have turned violent, resulting in injuries to both protesters and police officers.

Tragically, one protester was killed when the police fired warning shots at the crowd during a particularly tumultuous demonstration.

Despite the government’s efforts to suppress the protests, demonstrators are determined to continue until Khan is released.

He is scheduled to appear before an anti-graft tribunal on Wednesday, further fueling the tensions in the country.

The situation remains tense as Pakistan grapples with the arrest of its former prime minister and the resulting political crisis.

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