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Former Keystone XL pipeline worker Neil Crabtree has expressed concerns about the government’s push for green energy, labeling it as “political warfare” on the energy sector.

In a discussion on FOX Business, Ashley Webster and Lauren Simonetti shed light on Crabtree’s perspective.

According to Crabtree, the United States is jeopardizing its own energy supply by targeting the producers of electricity that powers cars and stoves.

He believes that politicians in the energy sector are using green energy as leverage for other negotiations, and he warns that promoting such a massive shift towards green energy could overwhelm the country’s energy infrastructure.

Crabtree compares the potential consequences to those experienced by underdeveloped nations with limited access to energy.

The conversation touched on the proposed rule by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to significantly reduce carbon pollution at power plants, which many argue could hamper the necessary energy supply to support green energy goals.

There are calls for caution and thoughtful consideration before rushing into such policies.

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