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Former Justice Department Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann Believes Alvin Bragg Will Indict Donald Trump in Hush-Money Probe

Former Justice Department prosecutor Andrew Weissmann recently appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the latest developments in the Trump hush-money probe.

Weissmann expressed his belief that Alvin Bragg, the D.A.

in Manhattan, will indict Donald Trump.

Weissmann cited the fact that Michael Cohen has already gone to jail for his role in Trump’s scheme to give hush money to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election.

Weissmann stated that he did not believe that Bragg would engage in the kind of public steps he has taken without indicting Trump.

He also noted that defense counsel for Trump has already been in to make arguments to Bragg, which is an important step that occurs before indicting someone.

Weissmann believes that there is enough evidence to warrant an indictment against Trump and that it is hard to imagine that Bragg would not go forward with charges.

While some skeptics may question Bragg’s motives, Weissmann believes that the D.A.

will decide based on the merits of the case.

Weissmann also noted that Bragg rejected the Mark Pomeranzen treaty over a year ago to go forward, saying the case was not ready, indicating that he is not making decisions based on politics.

Overall, Weissmann believes that the walls are closing in on Donald Trump and that we should expect a decision from Bragg on the matter soon.

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