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Former Election Official Arrested

A former election official, Carlos Irizarry, has been arrested in Osceola County on charges related to election law violations.

Irizarry, who is a former Kissimmee City Commissioner, was booked into jail and subsequently bonded out.

The specific details of the charges have not been disclosed by investigators.

The arrest stems from allegations made by Jackie Espinosa, a candidate for Osceola County, during the last election.

Espinosa accused Irizarry of accepting bribes in the Democratic primary race against the incumbent commissioner, Cheryl Greve.

Although Greve ultimately won the election, Espinosa filed a lawsuit claiming that the bribes were intended to split the Hispanic vote and aid Greve’s re-election campaign.

Espinosa expressed concern over what she sees as the disenfranchisement of a specific group of voters, given the significant Hispanic population in Osceola County.

She believes that including a “ghost candidate” on the ballot, such as Irizarry, was a deliberate strategy to manipulate the election outcome.

Espinosa plans to hold a news conference to address the situation further.

More information about Irizarry’s alleged actions and the reasons behind his arrest are expected to be revealed as investigators continue their work.

The arrest report will provide further insights into the case.

The investigation into the charges against the former election official highlights the importance of maintaining the integrity of electoral processes and ensuring equal representation for all voters.

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