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Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly faced tough questions regarding the government’s response to a whistleblower and public reporting concerning China.

During the questioning, Joly was asked why it took a whistleblower and the publication of a report by “The Globe & Mail” for the government to take action.

In response, Joly emphasized that an investigation was currently underway and suggested that the Minister of Public Safety would be better suited to answer the question directly.

She further mentioned that the government decided to take action based on confirmation of the allegations.

When pressed on why the government had knowledge of the situation two years ago, Joly reiterated her role as Foreign Minister and emphasized her responsibility in handling Canada’s relationship with China.

She stated that the government took action to address foreign interference, including expelling diplomats.

Regarding the travel advisory for Canadians in China, Joly mentioned that it had not been updated at that point but emphasized the need for caution when traveling to foreign countries.

She assured that the advisory would be adapted to ensure Canadians are aware of the risks.

Joly also discussed the decision to expel the Consul General in Toronto, highlighting that it was not made lightly and required careful consideration of various factors.

She stated that further measures were being considered, taking into account the consequences and different factors at play.

In response to concerns about the economic impact of the situation, Joly emphasized that the decision was made after thoughtful consideration of constraints and Canada’s interests, including those in China.

She acknowledged China’s decision to expel Jennifer Lalonde and expressed appreciation for Lalonde’s diplomatic efforts.

The article concludes by mentioning that Joly would have a conversation with Lalonde later that day and promised to provide updates if necessary.

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