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One Dead After High-Speed Police Chase Ends in Fatal Car Crash into South Milwaukee Creek Multiple Injuries Reported in I-85 South Wreck Leading to Road Closure in Gwinnett County

A Florida woman gave birth to her baby in her car on March 10th with the help of some deputies.

Stephanie Johnson and her boyfriend were driving to the hospital when the contractions started at 4 am.

They quickly became more intense, and by 6:10 am, her water broke.

Stephanie realized they had to act fast, or she would give birth in the car.

While on the way to the hospital, the baby’s head suddenly appeared, and Stephanie had to catch the baby herself.

The family pulled over at a Walgreens in Lakeland, where two Polk County deputies wrapped the baby in a beach towel and a blanket and kept the parents calm while they waited for an ambulance.

The baby, named Myla Ray, was born healthy, and the whole family was grateful for the deputies’ assistance.

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