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Florida Teen Remembered After Tragic Horse Riding Accident

On April 30, tragedy struck when 15-year-old Hannah Serfass lost her life in a horse riding accident during a competition.

This Monday, her family and loved ones gathered to remember and celebrate her life.

Hannah, described as an ultracompetitive young woman with a deep love for horses, had a bright future ahead of her.

However, her dreams were cut short in what can only be described as a “freak accident.”

Hannah’s family, determined to honor her memory, shared their story and the impact she had on their lives.

FOX 13’s reporter, Aerial Plascencia, visited the Serfass family’s home in Sumter County, where they expressed their desire to complete Hannah’s unfinished projects.

The family plans to build six new stalls for their show horses, ensuring that they receive the best care possible.

Though Hannah will not be there to witness the finished barn, her family is committed to fulfilling her wishes.

Hannah was known for her passion and connection with animals.

In addition to her love for horses, she had five dogs, a cat, and even raised two pigs.

Her family described her as a true “whisperer” and noted that she had a unique ability to communicate with animals.

Beyond her love for animals, Hannah was also a talented athlete.

She excelled in track and cross country at Wildwood Middle High School.

However, her greatest passion was competitive horse riding.

Winderman Mitchell, her trainer, shared how she would meticulously study her past rides, constantly striving to improve and correct any mistakes.

On that fateful day, Hannah was competing at Foxley Farm in Venice, hoping for a successful ribbon.

Unfortunately, while navigating a jump, the horse stumbled, causing both the horse and Hannah to fall.

It was a tragic accident, with no one at fault.

Hannah’s family laid her to rest in front of a horse jump adorned with flowers, paying tribute to her love for horses.

Despite the devastating loss, they hope to carry on Hannah’s legacy by supporting and encouraging other passionate riders.

They want people to remember Hannah as someone who always wore a smile and had a deep love for animals.

The Serfass family’s determination to complete the barn is a testament to their love for Hannah and their desire to keep her memory alive.

They hope that the finished project will provide a space for another dedicated rider to pursue their dreams, just as Hannah did.

As the community mourns the loss of this talented and vibrant young girl, they also celebrate the joy and passion she brought into their lives.

Hannah’s spirit will continue to inspire those around her to follow their dreams and cherish every moment, just as she did.

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