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Florida State Representative Randy Fine Faces Backlash Over Charity Event with ‘Sultry Performers’
Florida State Representative Randy Fine is under fire after his wife’s charity event, Sweetest Dream Gala, was criticized for advertising “sultry performers.” The event is set to raise money for children with autism but has been accused of promoting provocative dances and selling racy calendars.

Fine has been labeled a hypocrite by some as he is trying to pass a bill that would make it illegal to expose children to adult live performances, including those depicting nudity, sexual conduct, and lewd behavior.
While Fine is listed as a donor and his wife is one of the organizers of the event, he has been quick to distance himself from any controversy.

The event is being held at a hotel in Melbourne and only allows adults to attend.

However, some have questioned whether there may have been children present, as the event does not specify whether children are allowed.
This is not the first time Fine has been involved in controversy surrounding live performances.

Last year, he criticized a drag queen story hour taking place in Melbourne.

The mayor of Melbourne, Paul Alfrey, has accused Fine of discriminatory behavior for supporting the Sweetest Dream Gala while trying to outlaw similar activities for others.
Fine has defended himself, saying that the event was not billed as a family event and that he would not bring his own children there.

He has also denied any knowledge of what the performers will do at the event and whether it would qualify under his proposed bill’s definition of an adult live performance.
Critics have accused Fine of having a double standard and hypocrisy, while supporters say he is simply trying to protect children from inappropriate content.

As of now, the Sweetest Dream Gala is set to go ahead as planned, with sultry performers and all.

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