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Florida Bill Aims to Crack Down on Slow Left-Lane Drivers

Lawmakers in Florida are discussing a new bill that seeks to tackle slow left-lane drivers.

The proposed House Bill 421 would make it easier for law enforcement officers to penalize drivers who cruise in the left lane, which is designated solely for passing on roads with two or more lanes and a speed limit of at least 65 miles per hour.

Under current laws, drivers are required to move over if they know that a faster motorist is overtaking them.

However, the new bill clarifies that the left lane should only be used for passing, and violators could face a fine of up to $158.

While some drivers feel that the stricter law is long overdue, others have reservations.

Driving instructors, such as Frank Zarita of ZG Driving School, are concerned that slow drivers in the left lane might cause accidents by pumping the brakes.

South Florida native Dave, who admits to being a slow left-lane driver, says that he uses the lane to slow others down.

If passed, the law would take effect on January 1st.

Despite the debate, most drivers agree that it is frustrating to encounter slow drivers in the left lane, which can lead to aggressive driving and unsafe situations on the road.

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