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National Weather Service issues flood advisory for Emigration Creek, Salt Lake City’s east bench
The National Weather Service has issued a flood advisory for the east bench of Salt Lake City, specifically the area near and downstream from Emigration Creek.

The advisory was issued on Sunday due to the warmer temperatures and rain on snow that is expected to increase River and Creek flow.

According to the National Weather Service, River and Creek levels are expected to continue to rise, and the flood stage could be reached as early as Monday night into Tuesday morning and again into Tuesday night.
Residents in the area are preparing for the worst and have set up sandbags along the creek and near storm drains in the parking lot.

Sugarhouse Park, which was closed last night when the pond water overflowed and spilled onto the road, has now reopened to cars.

However, officials warn that people still need to be cautious about the water levels, as they may temporarily close the park again if the water levels rise to a dangerous level.
As the risk for flooding continues this spring, 2 News has you covered.

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