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A grocery app called Flash Food is helping families save money on their grocery bills amidst rising prices.

According to the Consumer Price Index, grocery prices are over 11% higher this January compared to last year.

This means that a family of four is spending about $130 more than usual and single shoppers are paying $30 more.

Flash Food is a free app that offers discounts on food nearing its best-by date and out-of-season items that are still good to consume.

It has helped shoppers save over $150 million on groceries and has kept 1 million pounds of food out of landfills in the Cleveland area.

The app has become a saving grace for shoppers like Courtney Ontricks, who says she needs groceries every day and has saved about $100 every time she uses the app.

The app is simple to use – shoppers can scroll through the options, check out the deals, and add items to their cart, which can then be picked up at the designated location in the store.

Flash Food has also helped reduce CO2 emissions by about 840,000 pounds.

The app and Giant Eagle, the grocery store chain it partners with, are celebrating a major milestone in successfully keeping food out of landfills and helping families save money on groceries.

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