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Today, meteorologist John provides the first alert weather forecast for May 14, 2023.

As Mother’s Day has just passed, he reminds viewers that hurricane season is approaching, with only 18 days remaining.

John urges everyone to be prepared and suggests downloading a hurricane preparedness checklist from

He emphasizes the significance of the rainy season, which officially begins tomorrow.

Typically, the region receives about 62 inches of rain per year, with two-thirds of it occurring during the rainy season.

The remaining third is attributed to the dry season.

John compares the rainfall distribution to a New York City skyline, where the tall buildings represent the rainy season and the shorter ones symbolize the dry season.

In May, the area typically experiences approximately 5 inches of rainfall, followed by 8.5 inches in June.

July sees a slight decrease before a significant increase in August, September, and October.

Afterward, the rainfall gradually tapers off.

Regarding the rain chances for the next seven days, John explains that the rainy season usually starts with lower precipitation rates before intensifying.

Currently, there is a 20% chance of scattered showers today, rising to around 30% for tomorrow and the following days.

By Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the chance of rain reaches approximately 40%.

Although there will be daily chances of showers and storms, they are not expected to be widespread or heavy in the next five days.

John mentions an area of low pressure to the south and west, tracking through the Straits and towards the northwest Bahamas.

While there is a possibility of some showers reaching the southern parts of Palm Beach County, the bulk of the rain will be concentrated in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Palm Beach County can expect a slight chance of isolated thunder showers but not much else.

Boaters should be cautious as seas are predicted to be bumpy, with heights ranging from 2 to 3 feet and a moderate chop on the Intracoastal.

The forecast for the day suggests mainly dry conditions with a passing shower, especially in the southern areas.

Temperatures will hover around 86 degrees.

Looking ahead, the upcoming week will feature a slight chance of showers, but the overall outlook remains dry.

Mother’s Day will be mainly dry, and the daily chance of scattered showers will be less than 50% but still present.

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