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Fire restrictions have been implemented in Northwest Oregon due to an upcoming heatwave.

Clackamas Fire District and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue have announced that fire restrictions will be in place in the county from Friday to Monday.

The announcement comes as a record-breaking heatwave is predicted to hit the Portland metro area over the weekend.

Dry conditions and high temperatures pose an increased risk of fires.

Recent incidents have highlighted the rapid spread of fires in the region.

A fire near Newburgh today was swiftly brought under control, but it served as a reminder of how quickly dry brush can ignite.

Following the incident, authorities announced a burn ban that will take effect at noon tomorrow.

With the heatwave expected to intensify, Lieutenant Dean Schultz of Clackamas Fire District warns that fire risks will escalate rapidly.

As humidity levels drop and the dry conditions persist, the danger of fires becomes more significant.

The fire restrictions announced by Clackamas Fire District and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue will prohibit backyard agricultural and waste burning, while fire pits and grills will still be allowed.

Lieutenant Matt Last emphasizes that most fires are caused by human activity.

The jurisdiction-wide burn ban aims to mitigate the risk of wildfires, particularly with high winds and temperatures forecasted.

Fire officials are prepared to deploy additional staff and resources if necessary.

While enjoying the hot weather, officials urge residents to take personal responsibility and consider the potential risks associated with various activities.

Chainsaws, motorcycles, and other equipment should be used with caution to prevent accidental fires.

The fire season in the area has been expanding, and it is essential to prioritize safety measures.

Clackamas Fire District’s burn ban will remain in effect until Monday, while Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue will announce the end date at a later time, based on ongoing monitoring of the weather forecast.

As the region braces for the heatwave, authorities stress the importance of enjoying the summer safely and responsibly.

This article aims to inform the public about the fire restrictions enacted in Northwest Oregon during the impending heatwave.

It highlights the need for caution and responsible behavior to prevent wildfires, which can spread rapidly in dry conditions.

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