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Fire near Charleston, Decatur causes double trouble for firefighters

A fire broke out at an abandoned retail store in Charleston, Decatur, leading to a challenging situation for firefighters.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning, and while firefighters initially managed to extinguish the blaze, it unexpectedly flared up again a few hours later.

According to reports, Las Vegas Fire Rescue received multiple calls about the fire around 5:30 AM.

Firefighters arrived promptly and battled the flames for approximately five hours.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported during the incident.

However, around 8:30 AM, the fire reignited, prompting the firefighting crews to once again spring into action.

After a couple of additional hours of effort, the fire was eventually brought under control by 10:30 AM.

Although the flames have been extinguished, there is still a lingering concern regarding the presence of smoldering embers within the structure.

Fire officials are closely monitoring the site to prevent any further flare-ups.

For safety reasons, it is currently not possible to enter the building, and precautions are being taken to ensure the surrounding structures remain secure.

Las Vegas Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Joseph To Caetano has emphasized the need for continued fire watch over the next several days to prevent any potential re-ignition.

Firefighters will remain on site, closely monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of the area.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, and investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Fire crews are expected to remain at the scene for several hours, possibly even days, to ensure complete safety and address any potential risks associated with the aftermath of the fire.

Updates regarding the incident will be provided as more information becomes available.

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