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Fire Boss Training Helps Prepare Firefighters for Summer Months

As the summer months approach, there is an increased risk of fires, and sometimes these fires are too intense for firefighters to handle on the ground.

To help combat this issue, firefighters and first responders from around Texas attended the first-ever Fire Boss Training in Wichita Falls.

The training, which was open to the public, focused on the AT-802F aircraft, also known as the Fire Boss.

This single-engine scooper has more than 25 years of experience in aerial firefighting and is purpose-built for cost-effective firefighting in dangerous wildfire situations.

The Fire Boss’s main objective is to help de-escalate fires and prevent them from growing larger, allowing firefighters on the ground to completely extinguish the flames.

According to Dan Carroll, a business development advisor for Dauntless Air, Fire Bosses are a one-man operation but can cover large areas with just a little bit of water.

The Dauntless Air team has trained teams across the United States and hopes that these lessons will help communities utilize Fire Bosses when massive blazes break out.

As communities prepare for the summer months and the increased risk of wildfires, the Fire Boss Training is just one way that firefighters and first responders are working to protect their communities from these dangerous and unpredictable events.

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