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FBI Raids Home in Milwaukee, Using Armored Vehicle and Flashbangs

In a shocking early morning incident, the FBI conducted multiple raids on homes, resulting in numerous arrests, causing a scare among residents across the city.

One of the raids took place at a residence located on West Silver Spring Drive near 72nd Street.

Madison Moore, a reporter from 12 News, happened to be across the street working on a different story when the raid occurred.

The FBI raids are still ongoing, although the authorities have confirmed that the early morning raids have concluded.

These operations were part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Milwaukee area Safe Streets Task Force.

One particular raid occurred around 6:15 a.m.

at a green and tan house on West Silver Spring Drive.

During the raid, the federal agents utilized flashbangs, releasing loud booms to draw out the suspect.

The intense moment unfolded when a man from the downstairs apartment was apprehended by the federal agents.

Rebecca Coney, a resident of the upstairs apartment in the targeted house, described the frightening experience she and her three children went through.

She heard a walkie-talkie announcement, calling out the suspect’s name and instructing them to come outside with their hands up.

Subsequently, a loud boom accompanied by sparks caught her attention, and she witnessed the presence of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

Coney expressed her fear as the agents forcefully pushed the door down during the operation.

Remarkably, Coney managed to capture these terrifying moments on a Facebook Live video.

The footage includes the deafening boom that reverberated during the raid.

WISN 12 News plans to air more excerpts from Coney’s Facebook Live video, providing a comprehensive account of the entire raid.

As of now, the specific reasons for these arrests remain undisclosed.

The FBI declined to comment on the nature of these raids or their connection to ongoing investigations.

However, they assured the public that more information would be forthcoming as the situation develops.

The morning FBI raids have not had a lasting impact on the rest of the day.

The authorities are continuing their efforts to maintain public safety and address any potential threats in the Milwaukee area.

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