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FBI Helping Victims of Human Trafficking to Move Forward with their Lives

The FBI is increasing its efforts to help victims of human trafficking across the country.

With cases on the rise, agents in Norfolk are becoming more cautious in their investigations and are putting victims’ needs ahead of their inquiries.

The FBI has identified and located more than 500 children and made 159 arrests in human trafficking cases nationwide in the past six months alone.

The road to recovery for victims can be a long and difficult one, but the FBI is taking extra measures to ensure they are supported.

Victims often need to be questioned carefully, and some may be too scared to talk.

To help overcome these barriers, the FBI provides victim witness coordinators to support children when they talk to agents.

Although sex trafficking is a common focus, labor trafficking is also prevalent in Hampton Roads and on the Eastern Shore.

Regardless of what the victims have gone through, the FBI wants to ensure they can move forward with their lives and avoid falling back into the cycle of abuse.

This involves understanding the victims’ needs and addressing them first, which helps them recover and potentially lead a normal life.

Speaking about victims’ needs when they come out of such situations, Norfolk FBI Special Agent in Charge Brian Dugan said that treating them like any other victim or witness could be harmful.

The FBI is working to provide support to these victims and is making efforts to help them recover and lead normal lives.

The FBI’s focus on helping human trafficking victims is commendable, and hopefully, their efforts will bring positive change in the lives of those affected by this heinous crime.

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