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FBI, DOJ whistleblowers provide information on alleged bribery scheme involving Biden family business dealings
Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway spoke to Stuart Varney about the recent allegations surrounding then-Vice President Biden’s involvement in a bribery scheme, as well as the White House’s handling of the border and Vice President Kamala Harris’ job performance.

Hemingway called the allegations “very significant” and pointed out that Senator Grassley has seen documents related to the alleged criminal scheme.

She noted that the FBI and Department of Justice whistleblowers who provided the information are rare and that the lack of a special counsel in this matter is concerning.

Hemingway also criticized the media for their likely attempts to cover up the story.

She went on to discuss the Title 42 policy and the deployment of 1,500 troops to the border, which she suggested was an admission of failure on the part of the Biden administration.

Finally, Hemingway commented on Vice President Harris’ role in the administration, stating that her lack of success in her given tasks suggests she is not a strong candidate for a higher office in the future.

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