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FBI Agent Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Dog in Philadelphia

A Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has confirmed that no charges will be brought against an FBI agent who shot and killed a pit bull in Center City last month.

The incident occurred when off-duty agent Jacqueline Maguire was walking her dog near 16th and Spruce streets and was allegedly attacked by the seven-year-old pit bull named Mia.

Maguire then fatally shot the dog in self-defense.

Although the reason for the decision not to charge Maguire was not given, investigators determined that the shooting was justified.

The FBI has not yet commented on whether its investigation into the incident is closed.

The incident has sparked controversy among animal rights activists, with many calling for more training and oversight for law enforcement officers when dealing with dogs.

The owner of the pit bull, who was not present at the time of the shooting, has expressed her outrage and has demanded justice for her pet.

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