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Father Fights Off Burglar at Home in Pico-Robertson Area

A brave father in the Pico-Robertson area took matters into his own hands when a burglar broke into his home and stole thousands of dollars worth of recording equipment from his mobile podcast studio.

Surveillance footage captured the intense encounter, showing the father fighting off the thief in an effort to protect his family and livelihood.

The victim, Daniel Nobel, owns a converted school bus that serves as his mobile recording studio.

The bus is not only his office but also the space where he records his popular podcast, Modern Day Philosophers, featuring conversations with comedians discussing philosophy.

The stolen equipment includes production gear essential for his podcast and other productions, amounting to approximately $25,000.

Nobel described the incident as a harrowing experience, stating that he hasn’t been able to sleep in days and that every little noise startles him as he strives to safeguard his family.

The burglar initially entered the bus by climbing over the wall into Nobel’s backyard.

Bags of equipment were seen being carried away by the thief in the surveillance footage.

Hours after the burglary, Nobel noticed the bus door was still open and realized that his valuable gear had been stolen.

To his surprise and anger, he spotted the thief returning to the scene, attempting to wipe his fingerprints off the bus.

Determined to take action, Nobel confronted the burglar, even trying to use a trampoline as a weapon.

Despite his efforts, he was unable to retrieve the stolen equipment.

While facing the financial hardship resulting from the burglary, Nobel expressed gratitude that his family remained unharmed throughout the ordeal.

He believes that everything happens for a reason and remains hopeful that some good will come out of the situation.

Nobel has filed a police report and handed over the surveillance video in hopes of capturing the thief.

To aid in rebuilding his podcast bus and resuming his work, Nobel has started a GoFundMe campaign.

Donations can be made through the link provided on the KTLA website alongside this article.

He also hopes that raising awareness about such incidents will lead to increased police attention and prevent others from becoming victims.

The Pico-Robertson community stands in support of Nobel, rallying behind him as he strives to restore peace of mind for himself and his family.

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