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Armed Robbery Suspect Killed in Shootout with Armored Car Guard in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI – A 47-year-old armed robbery suspect from Kenosha was shot and killed by an armored car guard during an attempted robbery on Thursday.

The incident took place near National and Leighton, where the suspect confronted a 36-year-old guard from Kewaskum.

According to officials, a 25-year-old guard from Watertown, who was also present at the scene, fired at the suspect in response to the initial gunshot.

The suspect was struck by the guard’s gunfire and succumbed to his injuries.

The incident unfolded outside a bank located on the southwest side of the city.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing gunshots and observing a significant police presence at the scene.

Authorities have identified the targeted bank as North Shore Bank, and they believe the attempted robbery led to the shootout.

The injured guard, aged 36, is expected to survive, as confirmed by the Milwaukee Police.

North Shore Bank has released a statement emphasizing the importance of safety for their employees, customers, and business partners.

They have assured cooperation with the ongoing investigation conducted by the authorities.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office will review the case to determine any potential charges related to the incident.

This is not the first time Milwaukee has witnessed such an incident.

In January, another armored truck belonging to the same company was robbed at a different North Shore Bank location, resulting in the theft of over $100,000.

It remains unclear if the two incidents are connected.

Further details about the motives behind the attempted robbery and the identities of those involved have not been disclosed at this time.

Law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the incident, and more information is expected to be revealed as the investigation progresses.

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