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One person was fatally shot in Marina del Rey on Monday, with authorities suspecting it to be a case of road rage.

The incident occurred under the midday sun on Lincoln Boulevard, and investigators are now focusing their efforts on finding potential suspects driving a black Kia.

The area is filled with businesses equipped with surveillance cameras, which may hold valuable footage to aid in identifying the killer.

Detectives believe that a confrontation between two drivers at a red light triggered the gunfire, resulting in the victim being shot dead outside his car.

The shooter swiftly fled the scene in his getaway vehicle, described as a dark car, and is currently the target of an expanding manhunt.

Authorities are considering road rage as the possible motivation behind the crime, which escalated into a fatal incident.

The victim, a man in his mid to late twenties, was driving a black VW sedan with Utah plates.

The violence of the incident has shaken the local community, as the shooting took place in broad daylight on one of the busiest streets in Marina del Rey.

Residents express their shock at the fact that someone could resort to such extreme measures over a traffic incident.

While typically shootings are associated with other forms of aggravation, this incident serves as a grim reminder of how quickly road rage can turn deadly.

The LAPD has issued a stern warning about the dangers of road rage, emphasizing the importance of remaining calm while driving.

In a busy area like Los Angeles, it is crucial to exercise patience on the road.

Detectives stress that being patient and calm can potentially save lives, as one never knows if the other person involved in a road rage incident is armed and willing to use their weapon.

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are still piecing together the events leading up to the shooting.

There is a possibility that the road rage altercation originated on the 90 freeway before both cars exited and came to a stop at the red light where the fatal shooting occurred.

Law enforcement is urging anyone who may have captured the incident on their cellphone or dashcam video to come forward and assist in the investigation.

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