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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

A family in Montgomery County, known as the Shanleys, is extremely grateful for a group of kind strangers who took immediate action and saved the life of their 10-year-old boy, Ethan. While returning a shopping cart at a Giant store in Gilbertsville, Ethan was struck by a car on a Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, a group of men quickly came to his aid and lifted the vehicle off of him before the arrival of first responders.

Although Ethan is still in the hospital, his family would like to express their gratitude to these heroes. This incident serves as a reminder that even simple tasks like returning a shopping cart can have life-threatening consequences. Ethan’s cousin, Madison Springman, happened to be at the store and rushed over to help.

Ethan was unconscious, and his arm had visible strap marks and bruising on his eye. He was trapped under the SUV that hit him. Jennifer AR Romano, another bystander, rushed to the scene and did everything she could to help keep Ethan alive. She tried to wake him up by talking to him and gently shaking him.

The family shares that a group of men came together to lift the car off of Ethan before he was airlifted to Lehigh Valley Hospital and then transferred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They describe these men as superhuman and incredible.

Ethan suffered multiple broken bones and a slow brain bleed. His family considers those who saved his life as his angels.

The family anxiously awaits Ethan’s recovery and hopes to have him back home soon. They acknowledge that no child deserves such a traumatic experience, and it is especially difficult for a young boy like Ethan.

Currently, Ethan is able to speak and has been transferred from the ICU to the Drama Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Despite these positive developments, he still has a long road of recovery ahead. The family is raising funds to help cover the medical expenses. This report is from Gilbertsville and was reported by Katie Castro on PHL1 17 News at 10..

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