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Family Seeks Answers Over Missing Woman’s Death in Dallas

The family of 25-year-old Jessica Martinez, a wife and mother who was reported missing on Friday, has been left in shock after her body was discovered on Sunday in downtown Dallas.

Martinez’s SUV was found wrecked on the Woodall Rogers freeway, but she was nowhere to be found.

Her family had been searching for her since Friday, and they found her body behind a fence not far from the crash site.

Many unknowns surround the 25-year-old’s death.

Martinez had started a waitressing job on Thursday evening and messaged her husband that she was coming home, but she never made it.

According to her family, they were told by the police that she was heard arguing with a man who was asking for help.

Her phone and eyeglasses were found in her wrecked SUV, and her family believes that there was no reason for her to leave them behind.

Dallas PD is investigating her death as an unexplained death, and her family has many questions for law enforcement.

They believe that someone out there knows what happened and they want answers.

Martinez’s family is devastated by the loss of their loved one and are trying to piece together what happened to her on her way home from work.

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