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The family of a man who was shot and killed by Spokane police officers last September is filing a lawsuit against the city of Spokane and the officers involved.

Robert Bradley, 41 years old, was reportedly in an ongoing property line dispute with his neighbor when the neighbor called 911 to report that Bradley was walking around with a rifle.

Bradley had just returned home from a camping trip with his girlfriend and two children when he was shot nine times by the responding officers.

The lawsuit alleges that the city failed to properly train officers regarding the use of force and that Bradley was given no time to comply or even understand what was happening before the officers started shooting.

The family requested body cam footage from the officers, but it has not been provided.

The shooting is still being investigated, and prosecutors have yet to decide if the officers will be charged or if the shooting was justified.

The family is seeking damages, and the exact amount will be determined at trial.

The city and Spokane police declined to comment on ongoing litigation.

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