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The family of a local woman who disappeared on a trip to Guatemala is desperate for answers, stating that they are living in uncertainty, wondering what happened to her. Nancy was last seen three weeks ago after going out on a kayak with a group of friends.

Only nine people returned from that excursion, and Nancy was not one of them. KTLA’s Mary Beth McDade is live in the news center with more on this.

Tonight, Mary Beth. It appears that what initially seemed like a peaceful outing on a Guatemalan lake has turned into a tragedy. The family of a woman from Battery Park says that the prosecutors’ claims that she drowned do not make sense to them.

The lack of information from witnesses has made them even more skeptical. According to the family, this is the last known video of the Monterey Park woman waving from a kayak during a yoga retreat in Guatemala before she vanished on October 19th. It is difficult to watch, as she seemed happy and excited.

Her family hopes that this is not the last time they will see her, but unfortunately, there have been no credible witnesses who have come forward to share what they saw. Prosecutors allege that the 29-year-old special needs teacher drowned while on a kayak excursion with a yoga group at Lake Avalon. However, the family questions the credibility of the witness who claimed that Nancy drowned while swimming. They have not received an update from the prosecutor’s office regarding where this witness statement came from, as it is not included in the police report. The family also mentions that no witnesses have reached out to them directly. Furthermore, the owners of the kayak rental company, who were present on the day Nancy allegedly drowned, were not interviewed either.

They state that eight out of the ten people in the group returned, but Nancy and another woman were seen paddling out further into the lake. Eventually, the other woman returned, but there was no sign of Nancy. The owners recall that the group left without saying a word and fled their hotel within 12 hours.

They did not pay for the kayaking excursion and seemed uninterested in speaking to anyone. This behavior confuses the family. The search for Nancy has now stopped, as the private search company hired by the family has exhausted all efforts. They have used helicopters, boats, and drones to scour the lake. However, in order to proceed, they need witnesses to come forward and provide information about the last place Nancy was seen.

There are still many unknowns, and the focus is primarily on finding individuals who are willing to share their accounts..

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