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A social media post claiming that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo received a sports bike made of 22 carat gold as a gift in Saudi Arabia has been circulating on various social media platforms.

However, upon conducting an internet search using relevant keywords, no credible news reports regarding such an incident were found.

Further investigation was carried out to determine if the motorcycle was indeed made of 22 carat gold.

In the video, there is a green cloth with an Instagram logo and the name ‘faisal_abu_sara’ behind the motorcycle.

By exploring posts related to the motorcycle on this particular Instagram account, it was discovered that multiple posts showcased the same motorcycle seen in the viral video.

These posts feature the identical design, number plates, and text behind the pillion.

One of these posts contained a response to a question about whether the gold parts of the bike were real gold or simply a coating.

The account owner, Faisal, clarified that the bike was coated with real gold, indicating that the metallic parts of the motorcycle’s body were not entirely made of gold.

Therefore, the claim that Cristiano Ronaldo was gifted a sports bike made entirely of gold is false.

The viral post misrepresents a Saudi man’s motorcycle, which possesses a gold coating, as a bike entirely made of gold and presented to the footballer.

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