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Weather Forecast for Hawaii: Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms Expected

On May 16, 2023, Justin Cruz provided a weather forecast for Hawaii, predicting significant changes in the weather patterns.

The day started with clear skies and sunshine, but by the afternoon, the weather became mostly cloudy.

However, the real concern lies in the approaching storm system from the west, which is expected to bring wet weather to the state.

The storm system is currently located west of Hawaii, accompanied by a cluster of clouds.

It has the potential to bring heavy rain to the region, starting as early as Wednesday night for Kauai.

The heaviest showers and potential thunderstorms are expected on Thursday and may continue into Friday.

The storm is moving from the west, so Kauai will experience the heavy rain first, followed by the rest of the islands.

While Kauai and Oahu are under a flood advisory, it does not mean that the Big Island or Maui County will be exempt from heavy rainfall.

However, the highest flooding threat is primarily for the western half of the state.

The forecast indicates a few showers for tonight, with Kauai experiencing consistent rainfall throughout the day.

Rainfall is expected to taper off tonight for windward Oahu.

Maui County and the Big Island, particularly the Puna District, will also see isolated showers.

Surf conditions are expected to be around 4 to 6 feet for the north shore and 2 to 4 feet elsewhere.

There are no major concerns regarding box jellyfish, but caution is advised.

Trade winds will persist for one more day before transitioning to southeasterly winds on Thursday and Friday.

The return of trade winds is anticipated after the storm system passes.

Residents are advised to stay updated on the weather conditions and be prepared for potential heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms.

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