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Title: Sunday Evening Update: Showers Expected Tonight, Followed by a Fantastic Workweek

Date: May 7, 2023

Vanessa Murdock presents the latest First Alert Forecast for the Tri-State Area on CBS2 News.

On this beautiful day with car-free streets in Lower Manhattan, CBS 2 News provides an update.

As the streets remain car-free, it’s a perfect opportunity for residents to enjoy a bike ride.

However, the meteorologist warns that rain is approaching the city.

The clouds are thick and dark, and showers, accompanied by a possible rumble of thunder, are expected tonight.

The rain will exit by early morning, and the week ahead promises to be fantastic.

The sunset tonight is just before 8:00 p.m., gradually setting after 8:00 p.m.

through August 10.

Those who prefer later sunsets will be pleased with this progression.

Today’s temperatures are nearly 10 degrees above seasonal averages, with the park reaching 78 degrees and Lake Herst at 75 degrees.

The forecast indicates a 20% chance of lingering shower activity, mainly to the east of the city.

On Tuesday, the wet weather trend will move southward, bringing a 30% chance of showers.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are expected to be dry.

However, wet weather may return on Sunday.

Currently, wet weather is approaching the region, expected to arrive within the hour.

By around 9:00 p.m., it will make its way towards the eastern end of the island.

The wet weather will occur during the early morning hours and then exit the area.

It is a weak frontal passage causing the shower activity.

Another system will dive southward on Tuesday, bringing a chance of reduced weather conditions.

Tomorrow morning, the city will experience cloudy skies and damp conditions, with a low of 58 degrees.

However, the morning drive is expected to be improved.

The day will reach a high of 76 degrees, suggesting that sunglasses might be necessary.

The chance of showers will be 30%, with the best likelihood south of the city.

Currently, the city’s temperature is 71 degrees, while White Plains records 69 degrees, Babylon at 65 degrees, and Andover at 65 degrees as well.

Showers and a possible thunderstorm are expected early tomorrow, with the leftover risk situated east of the city.

Skies will gradually clear, and the day will start the workweek at 76 degrees.

Looking ahead, Tuesday will be iffy with a 30% chance of showers, primarily south of the city.

However, the rest of the week is looking fine, with stunning weather on Wednesday at 69 degrees and abundant sunshine on Thursday at 77 degrees.

The workweek will conclude with temperatures in the lower 80s.

Overall, although showers are expected tonight and possibly tomorrow, the Tri-State Area can look forward to a fantastic workweek with pleasant weather conditions and warmer temperatures as the week progresses.

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