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Nancy Mace, a member of the House Oversight Committee, has called the Biden family’s business transactions the “most corrupt scheme in American politics.” Mace accuses the Bidens of playing a shell game with U.S.

adversaries, particularly China, and alleges that millions of dollars have been received from them.

The committee has released evidence of these transactions, aiming to show how the money flows.

Republicans have criticized the FBI for allegedly providing cover for the Bidens and have demanded compliance with a subpoena.

They believe that the subpoenaed document may contain evidence of a criminal scheme involving the president and multiple family members.

Regarding the FBI’s response to the alleged document, which they consider unverified, Mace directly addresses FBI Director Christopher Ray, urging him to “man up and do [his] job.” Mace claims that the Bidens have engaged in a shell game with millions of dollars, and she insists that the FBI should not be playing a similar game with crucial documents that could reveal the extent of these activities.

Mace emphasizes that the lack of trust in the federal government among the American people is a significant reason why thorough investigations are necessary, regardless of political affiliations.

In response to Politico’s headline suggesting no link between the Biden family probe and the president, Mace states that her committee has debunked many lies.

She highlights the authenticity of the laptop, the occurrence of events during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, and the connections through the family tree.

Mace argues that the numerous shell companies and the movement of millions of dollars, along with the access to the president and vice president, make this scheme the most corrupt in American politics.

She insists that it should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law, challenging those on the left who claim that no one is above the law to prove it.

While no date is provided for the next update from the committee, Mace confirms that they are still working through bank records and investigating multiple banks.

There is more to come, and Mace encourages people to stay tuned for further developments.

Note: The article provided is a fictional news article based on the given information.

It does not represent real events or opinions.

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