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Evacuations have been ordered in the Sedona area due to rushing floodwaters in Oak Creek.

According to Jason Coyle, an assisted fire chief with Sedona Fire, the city of Sedona has issued evacuation orders for some of the low-lying neighborhoods adjacent to Oak Creek.

About 300 people are estimated to be affected.

The area is experiencing intense flooding, with the creek’s water level reaching 13,000 cubic feet a second, up from its usual flow of 300 cubic feet a second.

Coyle compared the force of the water to that of 13,000 cement bags passing by every second.

This is reportedly the fourth highest level that the creek has reached since the gauge has been recording at Tilaki Pocket Plaza.

While there have been no rescues as of yet, the Sedona Fire Department has increased its staffing and is on standby for any potential swiftwater rescues.

Officials urge people to follow all instructions and not enter any flooded roads.

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