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Sedona residents are seeing rushing rivers as evacuation orders are lifted.

Several neighborhoods around Sedona, Rimrock, and Lake Montezuma are now allowed to go back home.

However, some people are still stuck in their homes and unable to cross roads to get to grocery stores or the main drag.

Sedona fire is urging people not to drive in areas they normally wouldn’t, especially at night as this is when swift water rescues are most often necessary.

While they haven’t had to make any rescues yet, the fire department expects water levels to remain high for the next few days.

Some residents have attempted to cross the roads even though they have been told not to.

A couple visiting Sedona for their anniversary said that they have never seen waters like this before and described the Roaring Rapids as very scary and aggressively rushing.

Sedona fire is encouraging people to stay where they are until it is safe to cross the rushing waters.

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