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Erwin Montessori Students Read 2 Succeed

WFMY News 2 recently visited Erwin Montessori school to promote the importance of reading and spread the gift of literacy among the students.

As the final stretch of the school year approaches, emphasizing the significance of reading becomes crucial.

The Read to Succeed program, organized by WFMY News 2, aims to instill a love for reading in elementary school children throughout Guilford County.

The team at WFMY News 2 brought their mission to Erwin Montessori this week, where the students showed immense enthusiasm for reading.

During the visit, the importance of reading was emphasized repeatedly.

Opening a book allows one to explore various worlds—whether it’s an island, a ship, or even a rendezvous with robbers and pirates.

From princesses to fairies, reading encompasses all aspects of life.

Regardless of one’s aspirations, whether it be attending college or pursuing a specific career, reading plays a pivotal role.

The event at Erwin Montessori was a roaring success.

Morning News anchor, [Name], had the opportunity to engage with the students and read the state, regional, and city headlines to them.

The enthusiasm among the students was palpable, and they expressed their love for reading through cheers and applause.

Promoting a culture of reading is an essential part of education in Guilford County.

By equipping students with excellent reading skills, the county believes they can positively impact their life outcomes.

The teachers at Erwin Montessori were also recognized for their invaluable contribution to the students’ education.

The Read to Succeed program at Erwin Montessori left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

The students were excited, energetic, and showed immense passion for reading.

The event felt like a reunion, with familiar faces and the presence of friends’ children adding to the warmth and familiarity.

WFMY News 2 alternates the schools they visit every week, ensuring that each elementary school benefits from this enriching program.

As the program draws to a close for the school year, the team is amazed at the impact it has had on the students.

Reading has been conveyed as a fun and enjoyable activity, serving as the key to success in all aspects of life.

With summer break rapidly approaching, the next visit in two weeks will mark the final Read to Succeed event of the year.

It has been an incredible experience to witness the students’ excitement and enthusiasm for reading.

The program has not only made reading enjoyable for them but has also highlighted its significance in their everyday lives.

Reading is a skill that permeates various aspects of life, even in seemingly mundane activities like driving, where reading street signs becomes essential.

The engagement and joy exhibited by the students during the Read to Succeed program demonstrate the profound impact reading can have.

As WFMY News 2 prepares for the last event of the school year, they look forward to further encouraging and inspiring young minds to embrace the joy of reading.

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