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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

will continue to provide updates as we gather more information about their search. Now let’s shift our attention to Athens City. According to officials, the city is experiencing an influx of people moving in, leading to new development projects aimed at keeping up with this growth.

New houses are being built rapidly. However, one city council member is focused on ensuring that developers construct high-quality homes. Our reporter, Lindsey Smith, elaborates on this matter.

Councilman Harold Well acknowledges the fast growth in Athens City and acknowledges the need for housing. He clarifies that he is not criticizing developers but emphasizes the importance of maintaining the city’s aesthetic appeal.

Councilman Well reveals that there are multiple new developers operating throughout the city, constructing new subdivisions. He expresses concerns that some of these houses barely meet the city’s building codes. Thankfully, there are regulations in place to prevent any major issues. Councilman Well notes that certain homes’ foundations do not meet the required standards.

To provide visual representation, he points out specific areas where these homes are located. Councilman Well is collaborating with city staff, engineers, the planning board, and the rest of the council to revise the city’s ordinances in the hopes of addressing this issue. He emphasizes the need to modify the ordinances, which would prevent the construction of houses that barely meet minimum standards and negatively impact neighboring properties.

Some residents are upset because they fear a decline in their neighborhoods due to these low-quality homes. Councilman Well assures us that discussions are currently taking place regarding potential changes to the city ordinances..

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