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In a recent interview with CNBC anchor [Name redacted], Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk addressed various topics including conspiracy theories, politics, and remote work.

Musk, known for his controversial statements, expressed his perspective on conspiracy theories, stating that while some have turned out to be true, he does not care about supporting them if it means financial gains.

Musk also made headlines by demanding that workers return to the office or resign.

He emphasized his belief that people are more productive when working in close proximity, questioning the validity of the work-from-home concept.

He drew parallels to the infamous quote attributed to Marie Antoinette, stating, “Let them eat cake.” Musk argued that if people who prepare food or fix houses cannot work from home, it seems morally questionable for others to do so.

The interview covered a wide range of topics, including Musk’s political views and the involvement of OpenAI in the conversation.

The Tesla CEO’s unfiltered opinions and his willingness to address controversial subjects continue to attract attention and spark debate.

It is worth noting that the interview was conducted by [Name redacted] and aired on CNBC, providing a platform for Elon Musk to express his thoughts on these matters.

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