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Elise Finch Provides Tri-State Area’s Latest Weather Forecast on CBS2 News This Morning

Elise Finch, a meteorologist for CBS2 News This Morning, has provided the latest First Alert weather update for the Tri-State Area on March 23rd.

Finch began her forecast by checking in with the Weather Watchers, who reported mild temperatures with readings in the 40s across the board.

However, fog was observed in some communities, reducing visibility for drivers.

Finch then discussed the chances of rain throughout the day, with the best chance of rain coming before 1 PM.

By 9 AM, there was a 60% chance of rain, and this increased to 70% by noon.

While there could be some afternoon and evening showers, the highest chances of rain were in the morning.

She advised viewers to grab an umbrella before leaving their homes.

Finch also reported the current temperature in New York City as 48 degrees and stated that the area would experience mostly cloudy skies throughout the day.

She predicted a high of 64 degrees, which is well above the normal temperature of 52.

However, she noted that the record temperature of 76 degrees, set in 1923, would not be broken today.

She also advised viewers to keep their umbrellas handy tomorrow, as there may be a stray shower, and another round of rain was expected on Saturday.

While the rain on Saturday would not be as widespread as originally predicted, the area could still expect half an inch of rain.

The temperature on Saturday would be cooler, with a high of just 48 degrees.

In summary, Finch advised the Tri-State Area to expect off-and-on showers throughout the day, with the highest chance of rain in the morning.

She urged viewers to grab their umbrellas and prepare for cooler temperatures and possible rain over the next few days.

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