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Welcome back to 16 News Now Saturday morning. This week, we had another election in Michana, giving residents a chance to express their opinions.

We caught up with a familiar face to discuss a different type of election that took place back in 1986. Sue Mullets and Mark Inall were appointed to the Southb School Board, but their seats will soon become elected at large positions in 1988.

However, what about the other five appointed board members? Their seats will become elected by District this November. One of the appointed board members, who believes they can bring something valuable to the South Community School Corporation, has decided to run for election. They emphasize the importance of electing individuals who genuinely care about the students and prioritize providing a quality education for all.

The idea of representing all students in the school system has also motivated another current board member to contemplate running for election. However, they recognize that being oriented toward a specific district may not necessarily benefit the entire school system.

They will make their decision once the state has finished drawing district maps. Current board president, Hollis Hughes, and board member Olga Viap will wait and see before deciding whether or not they will run. Viap wants to pursue other avenues of public service, while Hughes remains undecided. On the other hand, eight-year board veteran William Wilson plans to step aside to make room for new blood on the board.

He does express concern that qualified candidates may be deterred by the job’s low salary of $1,000 per year and the substantial time commitment of approximately 300 hours. Reporting from South Bend, this is Mark Peterson, News Center 16. It is interesting to hear such comments from familiar faces in the community. Hollis Hughes, Chuck Lennon, and Bill Wilson have all played important roles in our community, and it’s great to see their involvement in the school board. Lastly, let’s not forget to mention Mark Peterson’s stylish mustache – truly a sight to behold! This former referee brings a unique perspective and impartiality, making him a great candidate for the school board.

Sometimes, in politics, we need someone who can act as a referee and impartial judge..

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