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We are closely monitoring several local and state races tonight, and we have the pleasure of having CBS News executive director of Elections and Surveys, Anthony Salvanto, here with us. Anthony, could you please provide us with the latest updates? Well, there’s a lot happening, John. We are currently seeing the votes coming in from Ohio. This is just the beginning, as we expect a turnout of about 3.9 million, which is relatively high, approaching the level seen during the midterms.

Initially, this may appear to be good news for the Democrats and the “yes” side. Our exit polls indicate a 57% lean towards “yes,” though it’s still early.

This estimate takes into account the counted votes and all the data collected from the exit polls so far. So, while the “yes” side seems to be off to a good start, there is still a long way to go. Moving on to Kentucky and Mississippi… Certainly! In particular, the “yes” side in Ohio is interested in seeing if the abortion issue can drive voter turnout, which may also have implications for the 2024 elections.

In Kentucky, we have a different story, but it is equally intriguing, possibly with implications for 2024. The question is whether a Democrat can win in a deeply Republican state. Andy Brasher is currently slightly ahead, and we have labeled this race as a tossup. We will be closely observing whether Brasher can replicate his narrow win from the previous campaign and how well he performs in the suburban areas near Cincinnati and Franklin County.

If a Democrat can perform well in a state where Donald Trump had a large margin of victory, it may indicate a promising formula for the Democrats. Lastly, in Virginia, where Republicans are aiming to secure full control of the legislature, it may take some time before we have a clear picture.

Individual race results may be late, possibly even extending into tomorrow. So, patience is advised.

I remember a similar situation in Virginia during the 2016 elections. That’s all for now, John. Thank you, as always. .

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