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Tomorrow is primary day for key Kentucky elections, and one race garnering attention is the contest for Secretary of State.

Incumbent Republican Michael Adams finds himself facing off against two tough challengers from within his own party.

These opponents have centered their campaigns around claims of election fraud.

Adams, who assumed office in 2020, has been recognized for his efforts to expand voter access, including initiatives related to early voting and mail-in voting.

However, the primary race has taken a contentious turn as Adams has made it clear that he will not entertain or support the election deniers.

In his own words, Adams stated, “If you cave and give in to these conspiracy theories, all it does is validate them.” He remains committed to upholding the integrity of the electoral process and ensuring fair elections.

The two challengers running against Adams have embraced various conspiracy theories and propagated unfounded claims of voter fraud.

One of the contenders, Steven Nickersapper, has been particularly vocal about alleged election fraud online.

However, his claims lack substantial evidence, and he struggles to back them up.

Nickersapper argues that these baseless claims make him the ideal candidate for the Secretary of State position.

He also advocates for specific policy changes, such as withdrawing from a database used by secretaries of state to maintain accurate voter rolls.

In contrast to his opponents, Adams has been refreshingly candid about his approach.

He acknowledges the need to ignore these conspiracy theories in order to perform his duties effectively.

Adams has made it clear that he intends to stay away from the nonsense surrounding election deniers.

As the primary day approaches, the race for Kentucky Secretary of State remains highly significant, as it will determine who takes on the responsibility of overseeing future elections in the state.

The outcome will not only impact Kentucky’s electoral system but also serve as a reflection of the prevailing attitudes towards election integrity and conspiracy theories in today’s political landscape.

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