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Today election day and all City Council are for grabs. There are important district attorney races and twowide ballot measures. Robert Moses us from outside a polling place in Ast, Queens, to provide details on what voters need to know before heading to the polls.

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We are at a polling place in the borough where the only contested district attorney race in the city is taking place. Early voting numbers were very low, so we can expect similarly low turnout today. However, if you are planning to vote, it is important to be informed. In New York City, all 51 city council seats are up for election today.

One of the most contentious races is happening in a district in southern Brooklyn, between Democrat Justin Brandon, a former punk rock guitarist, and current chair of the council’s finance committee, and Republican Ari Kagan, who left the Democratic party last year. The two men have clashed over issues such as the city’s handling of the migrant crisis.

Another race to watch is taking place in Northern Queens, between Democrat Tony Aela, a former state senator and city councilman, and Republican councilwoman Vicky Paladino. Paladino defeated Aela to win her seat two years ago. On Long Island, the most closely watched contest is for Suffolk County Executive. Republican Ed Romeo, a former state and federal prosecutor, is battling Democrat Dave Cologne, a former prosecutor, to succeed term-limited Steve Balone.

The situation is more complicated in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where incumbent mayor Joe Ganam, a Democrat, won the September primary against John Gomes by 251 votes. However, videos showing people stuffing ballot boxes surfaced, and Gomes challenged the results.

A judge recently overturned the results and ordered a new primary, which has not yet been scheduled. However, the judge did not have the authority to postpone today’s election, so both Ganam and Gomes are still on the ballot today.

If Gomes wins, he plans to drop his challenge and become mayor. If he does not win, Bridgeport voters may have to participate in a second primary and a second general election. In New Jersey, all 120 seats in the state legislature are on the ballot.

Additionally, there are two Statewide ballot questions in New York. One question seeks to raise the amount of debt that school districts in small cities like Albany, New Rochelle, and White Plains can hold.

The second question aims to exclude sewer projects from the cap on debt that municipalities can take on. There is a lot to consider today. Polls will be open in New York until 9:00 tonight.

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