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On election day, voters across the country are casting their ballots to decide important races, such as for Governor, State assemblies, and Mayors in major cities. In Kentucky and Mississippi, voters are determining whether their Governors should be reelected or replaced.

However, one issue that is particularly prominent in several races is abortion. The topic of abortion rights is on the ballot in Ohio and has played a significant role in Virginia’s campaigns for control of the general assembly.

CBS’s D Duncan is reporting from Columbus, Ohio, to understand the concerns of voters. Abortion rights supporters held a rally to encourage voters to participate in the election. We spoke to voters in a traditionally Democratic district who emphasized the importance of keeping abortion legal to give women the right to choose.

The proposed amendment, known as issue one, aims to guarantee a woman’s right to an abortion in Ohio. It would allow the procedure up until the fetus becomes viable, typically around the 23rd week of pregnancy, with exceptions permitted after that point if the health or life of the mother is at risk. Opponents argue that the amendment is too extreme for Ohio, including Republican Governor Mike DeWine, who signed a six-week abortion ban into law in 2019. Amy Natosi, a spokesperson for Protect Women Ohio, opposes issue one, stating that it takes away the ability of the legislature to pass protections for women and the unborn.

While Ohio is the only state with abortion on the ballot today, the outcome of key races in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky could also impact the future of abortion access in those states. In Virginia, all 140 General Assembly seats are up for election, with Republicans advocating for a 15-week abortion ban.

Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade last year, abortion rights supporters have been successful in six out of six states where the issue was on the ballot..

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