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A shocking incident occurred in Albuquerque, leaving an elderly couple traumatized and the woman badly injured.

The man responsible for this horrific crime is currently on the run, but the district attorney vows to bring him to justice.

The incident took place when the 79-year-old woman was attempting to help her 83-year-old husband into the passenger seat of their vehicle.

Suddenly, a man approached the driver’s side and the woman bravely tried to stop him.

However, the man accelerated, dragging her with the vehicle until she was thrown off and left injured on the road.

She suffered extensive injuries, including lost teeth and significant blood loss, and was rushed to U-N-M Hospital for emergency care.

Bernalillo County District Attorney, Sam Bregman, expressed his outrage at the crime, emphasizing that every case is a priority, particularly when the victims are elderly individuals.

He assured the public that law enforcement is actively pursuing the suspect, stating, “The accusations are just outrageous.

We are giving it a high priority.

Law enforcement says they will catch him, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually we will bring him back to justice.”

The suspect behind the crime, Fernando Granados, was seen leaving the hospital after being discharged.

He had become upset when denied a ride to another treatment facility, leading him to carjack the elderly couple.

Despite the district attorney’s office initially filing a motion to keep Granados detained until trial, the judge denied it and released him under pretrial services supervision.

Unfortunately, Granados failed to check in and did not appear for a scheduled court hearing, resulting in a warrant being issued for his arrest.

The stolen vehicle was eventually found two days later near Louisiana and Zuni, close to where Granados had attempted to find transportation earlier.

Fernando Granados now faces charges of auto theft and reckless driving causing great bodily harm.

The district attorney’s office will continue to evaluate the case and determine if additional charges are warranted.

As the search for Granados continues, law enforcement remains determined to apprehend him and ensure justice is served.

The community remains on alert, knowing that the long arm of the law will eventually track him down.

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