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FBI agents in El Paso, Texas, will be the first in the state to wear body cameras during the execution of search warrants and arrests, according to an announcement made by the agency.

The decision comes as part of a larger initiative by the FBI, with a total of 221 departments equipping their field officers with body cameras.

The Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s El Paso division emphasized the importance of building trust with the community.

He stated that the body cameras not only record the actions of the agents but also capture the reactions and activities of the public.

This transparency and accountability are beneficial for both parties involved.

All special agents in high-risk situations, such as arrests or while carrying out searches, will be required to wear the body cameras.

The move aims to enhance transparency and ensure that both the agents and the public are held accountable for their actions.

In other news, the city of El Paso is acknowledging National [Title missing]

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